DriverCare is the leading 24/7 Accident Management service in Australia and New Zealand.

Over the last 26 years, DriverCare has supported more than 500,000 drivers and managed over 160,000 repairs and callouts in all cities and towns and in regional and remote areas.

DriverCare serves employers who recognise the need and value in caring for their drivers and vehicles.

DriverCare gets people and vehicles back to work quickly and safely.

We work to reduce the costs associated with motor vehicle accidents and collisions by providing expertise in roadside response, claims management, repair process, and loss control/risk management procedures.

DriverCare has been operating since 1993 and has developed an enviable record as a professional and efficient accident management service.

DriverCare is focused on reliability, innovation and accountability to our clients.

DriverCare can be provided to clients as a stand-alone service however, to provide optimal, comprehensive care for employees and vehicles, Primar recommends that clients combine:

  • DriverCarePlus – Occupational Road Risk management
  • DriverCare - 24/7 Accident Management services

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