DriverCarePlus — Occupational Road Risk Management

Driving a motor vehicle for work purposes is one of the most dangerous activities that employees undertake and where human error is a factor in over 90 per cent of road collisions.

Each year, one in four vehicles on average is involved in a collision.

Under relevant workplace health and safety legislation, a business faces significant risk if it falls short of its duty of care to employees. For employee drivers this means ensuring a safe working environment which includes providing information, instruction and training.

To manage Occupational Road Risk, DriverCarePlus offers our clients access to a world's best practice, on-line, risk management service, Virtual Risk Manager (VRM)*

Virtual Risk Manager helps employers to:

  • reduce the number of collisions and injuries and,
  • comply with their duty of care obligations to employee drivers

VRM is used by many of the world's largest fleet owners and managers and has in some fleets driven down the number of motor vehicle collisions by more than 50 per cent.

VRM is an online risk management package designed to help clients manage risks and costs associated with employees driving on company business.

It is delivered through a series of modules, each focusing on specific areas of training and assessment.

DriverCare clients can use VRM to:

  • accurately identify at risk drivers
  • implement strategies to modify driver behaviour and track future performance
  • help reduce the frequency of collisions
  • help reduce the direct and indirect costs of collisions including insurance costs
  • comply with employer obligations under relevant workplace health and safety legislation governing an employer's duty of care to drivers

DriverCarePlus can be provided to clients as a stand-alone service however, to provide optimal, comprehensive care for employees and vehicles, Primar recommends that clients combine:

  • DriverCarePlus — Occupational Road Risk management
  • DriverCare — 24/7 Accident Management services and,
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance

* DriverCare (a company within the Primar Group) is licenced to distribute VRM in Australia and New Zealand on behalf of eDriving LLC. Primar also partners with Zurich Australian Insurance Limited ABN13 000 296 640 (Zurich) in Australia and New Zealand for the provision and access of VRM services.

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