Our Team


JOANNE WEDDERBURN – Managing Director

Joanne Wedderburn is the founder and Managing Director of the Primar Group. She established the first Primar companies in Australia in 1993 and in New Zealand in 1997 to provide specialist motor vehicle accident management, risk management and cost recovery services for corporate fleet owners and managers. In recent years Joanne has broadened the scope of the business to include roadside assistance and to bring a new range of services to private and public sector clients that focus on risk management of occupational road risk. These services help clients to comply with employer’s obligations under the Workplace Health and Safety Act to provide a duty of care to employee drivers.


PAUL ELLIOTT – Global Group Executive Product, Sales and Marketing

Paul joined Primar in 2009 after 33 years in the fleet management industry in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Over this time, Paul was the Australian representative of one of the world’s largest fleet management companies. Paul brings extensive experience in sales, marketing and innovative product development and deep knowledge of global best practice in fleet management to Primar. Paul has worked with many large fleets in Australia, New Zealand and internationally and has helped clients to better manage risks and control costs. Paul works with clients to develop innovative, cost-effective solutions for fleet and risk management control.


DARREN CAMPBELL – Technology & Innovation Manager AUS/NZ

Darren has worked with Primar since 2009 after experience working on IT projects for leading Australian financial institutions. Darren holds a Masters degree in Business Technology and a BSc degree in Business Information Systems. Darren’s expertise in business information systems development, business communications networks and systems integration enables Primar to fully optimise the use of technology and innovation across product development and e-commerce platforms.


MELISSA ROSE – Relationship Manager AUS/NZ

Melissa has more than 17 years experience with the Primar group and has worked across most parts of the business, primarily in Customer Care and Human Resources. Melissa’s strong people skills are directed to building client relationships based on performance, trust and integrity. Melissa’s in depth knowledge of Primar’s products and services, and of our customer’s needs, enables her to exceed client expectations and ensure that clients obtain maximum benefit from their relationship with Primar.


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