Mercantile is Primar’s financial and insurance services arm which specialises in motor vehicle claims settlements and debt collection.

For clients, Mercantile works to effectively and sensitively recover outstanding debts and to maximise client’s net returns.

Mercantile manages third party claims and recoveries on behalf of clients including recovery of motor accident repair and replacement vehicle costs.

Mercantile protects our client's interest by identifying whether third party claims against our client are legitimate and fair or fraudulent and unfair.

Mercantile also protects our client’s interest when they are subject to third party claims and where the client’s driver is at fault.

Mercantile subjects all claims to rigorous, professional assessment - we protect or chase every dollar on our client’s behalf and mitigate third party claims against our clients.

Mercantile offers our services in:

  • debt recovery – letters of demand, telephone demands, field calls
  • skip tracing
  • field investigation
  • negotiating settlements and instalment arrangements

Mercantile works especially for self-insured clients and can manage under excess claims.

Mercantile offers a full on-line file retrieval service and works for clients to reduce costs, retrieve funds and to identify and eliminate fraudulent claims.

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