Saves client’s money and time

Primar’s 24/7 services save client’s money and time. Management of occupational road risk, motor vehicle accident repairs and roadside assistance are specialist tasks. Primar’s service is cost-effective and targeted and allows client’s to care for employees and vehicles while remaining focused on core business. Primar gets people and vehicles back to work quickly and safely. Primar works to reduce the number of accidents, down-time and repair costs. Primar recovers client’s funds from third parties at fault and effectively manages third party claims where our clients’ drivers are at fault.


21 years of proven service

Primar has a proven record of performance and service excellence – working cost-effectively for clients for more than 21 years. Primar Group has supported more than 500,000 drivers and managed more than 160,000 repairs and callouts around the clock in all cities and towns and in regional and remote areas.


Industry leading on-line technology and services

Primar uses the best technology available in the sector to deliver world’s best practice, on-line, Occupational Road Risk Management services, 24/7 Accident Management services and Roadside Assistance. Proven and reliable technology and on-line training modules help deliver an effective and seamless service for clients and have, for some clients, reduced motor vehicle collisions by more than 50 per cent.


A specialist, one-stop shop

Primar specialises in services for businesses that run passenger and heavy vehicle fleets and provide salary-packaged vehicles. Primar Group is a one-stop shop that provides optimal, comprehensive care for employees and vehicles by combining:

  • Occupational Road Risk management
  • 24/7 Accident Management services and,
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance


Workplace Health and Safety Compliance

Primar helps clients to meet their duty of care obligations to employee drivers under the Workplace Health and Safety Act. Occupational Road Risk is a growing concern for business to manage. When actively and professionally managed, employees are safer and feel their employer values them. Primar is a professional, cost-effective and client focused Occupational Road Risk manager. A world’s best practice, on-line Occupational Road Risk management service, available through Primar, has been used in some fleets to drive down the number of motor vehicle collisions by more than 50 per cent.

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